Responding To Change In The Disability Services Sector

Practical strategies to meet the challenges posed by client-directed funding, increasingly vigilant regulators, an intense public focus on client satisfaction...

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For Employees

Is my phone spying on me?
3 ways to tell if your workplace privacy is being breached

Workplace privacy can diminish while there is an increasing number of phones, laptops, vehicles and other devices provided to staff. Many of can track an individual...

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For Employers

The Fair Work Act Is Changing:
Here’s What You Need To Know

The Bill effectively amends the Fair Work Act to crack down on serious contraventions of the Act. What does this mean for you and how can you guarantee compliance?

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Not For Profit

The NDIS and Why You Need Proper Employee Monitoring

One of the major implications of the NDIS is the need for disability services organisations to establish close and systematic employee monitoring...

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Company Title

Company Title:
Dealing With Airbnb

Airbnb has been the bane of many company title boards for a number of years. Proposed changes to various Local Environmental Plans are likely to make the problem more prevalent...

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JFMLAW are not your average lawyers.
We listen. We care.

Our clients, both employers and employees alike, want results. And they’ve come to rely on us to make the legal process as painless as possible. Blending up-to-the-minute laws with decades of experience, we continue to deliver specialised advice to clients in the Potts Point community and the wider Sydney area.

We understand…


Have you recently received a promotion or switched jobs? Are you experiencing difficulties in the workplace?

We understand you want targeted, sensitive advice that works, while preserving the industry relationships that you’ve worked hard to build.

You want a support team that cares.

JFMLAW wants what’s best for you and your career.


We find that these days, employers want on-call legal advisors who provide advice that fits into the bigger picture of their business. This advice should be cost-effective and commercially realistic, while reflecting the position of a business’ legal environment without cutting corners.

JFMLAW are right here helping savvy, entrepreneurial clients like you.

Not For Profit Organisations

Running a not for profit organisation means facing significant legal risk. We understand that you want to minimise that risk to ensure your organisation achieves its strategic goals with no interference to its charitable purposes.

Here at JFMLAW, we make it our mission to know the workings of your organisational culture, be alive to the unique needs of your clients, and have our finger on the pulse of regulatory change.

Meet The Team

John Morrissey
John Morrissey
John has been a practising Sydney solicitor for 30 years, and for the past 20 a sole practitioner and the principal at JFMLAW. His main focus is employment law, advising small to medium-sized firms and their employees of their rights and obligations.
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Louise OConnor
Louise O’Connor
Louise focuses on employment and corporate law. She has particular experience in assisting not for profit employers and employees with human resources issues. She regularly conducts matters in the Fair Work Commission and the Federal Circuit Court.
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Dominic Cudmore

Dominic Cudmore
Dominic is an experienced employment law professional for the SME, corporate, NFP/NGO and public sector employers and their staff. He provides expert legal advice on employment contracts, disputes, mediation and risk management training.

What our clients are saying

I was made redundant by my employer, who was in financial difficulties. I had some outstanding entitlements that hadn’t been paid. I called Chris and Louise, who both helped me through the process of asserting my legal rights against my employer. Chris and Louise negotiated a deed of release that got me most of my money, without burning any bridges. They were great advisors and I would recommend their services to anyone in my position.


What our clients are saying

Thanks to John and Chris, we were able to take one of our former employees to court to stop him from taking our confidential information and using it against us by giving it to an international competitor. Chris and our barrister were great advocates who helped us win the case without taking a financial hit. They were even able to manage the elements of the process that took place overseas. Next time my company faces a similar issue, I’ll be getting back in touch with John and Chris to put a stop to it.


What our clients are saying

We had to restructure our business because our funding revenues changed. The employees were angry and I felt like I was in over my head, so I came to the office to see John and Louise. They provided me with a comprehensive strategy that broke the process down into bite sized pieces. The strategy worked really well. It’s good to get advice from lawyers like Louise who have a real specialisation in the not for profit sector. I liked that they came out to our care home to meet the employees and the board, and gave me a role to play in the process.


What our clients are saying

I sought John’s advice about a disruptive board member. He hardly turned up to any board meetings. When he did, he ruined them one way or another. John helped to outline the practical and legal steps that the board and I could take to resolve the situation. He was very knowledgeable. He and Dominic also wrote a board code of conduct and amended our Constitution, and we haven’t had problems since.


What our clients are saying

John and Dominic helped me to set up a new business. I’d been working for an employer I didn’t get on with for years, and wanted a fresh start. John advised me on how to avoid breaching my contract, and on all the essentials of setting up with my business partner. We’ve recently decided to start employing our first workers, so I’ve gotten back in contact with Dominic and he’s drafted some employment contracts and policies. It’s great to know that the team at JFMLAW are here at all stages of my business’ development.


What our clients are saying

I am an in-house lawyer who only works a few days every week. I have a good grasp of the consumer complaints and contractual issues that come across my desk on a day to day basis, but I do not have a background in employment law. I always pick up the phone to John, Chris or Louise when an issue pops up with an employee. The fact that they know me and the company I work for is a great benefit. They provide quick and cheap advice that has proved invaluable in the smooth running of the workplace.