Company Title Legal Assistance

Are you a shareholder or Board member of a Company Title Building?

For both shareholders and board members of a company title building, it is important to understand the rights and obligations that you may have. A failure to understand your obligations may result in disharmony in relation to the building. Your obligations either as a shareholder or board member are unique to each Company Title Building, many of which are outlined in the Constitution.

There are a number of important questions any shareholder or board member of a Company Title Building should ask.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I understand the Constitution and all of its clauses?
  • Do I understand the difference between company property and owner’s property?
  • Are there proper meeting procedures taking place and are proper minutes being kept?
  • Am I satisfied that the company has the power to make levies, and to claim interest and legal fees in respect of recovery of unpaid levies?
  • Are there issues with people not complying with house rules concerning noise, smoking, pets and visitors?
  • Should I be concerned about short term lettings and AirBnB?
  • Have I put in place proper work, health and safety provisions to ensure risk is minimised?
  • Is there a clear understanding of the duties of shareholders to maintain their apartment?
  • Is there a clear understanding of the obligations of the company to maintain the building?

It is important you address any concerns you might have about these matters. Or to take precautionary measures before any issues arise.

JFM Law have helped boards and shareholders in every aspect of Company Title law, including:

  • Resolving conflicts
  • Proper house rules
  • Recovery of unpaid levies
  • Disputes with neighbours
  • Encroaching on common property

John Morrissey has been working with Company Title shareholders, buildings and directors for more than 20 years. His philosophy is to resolve matters and reduce conflict within the building. This means you can gain peace of mind and focus on more positive matters.

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