High Performance Culture

Performance culture is best described as the way in which work gets done.

Within a business, the biggest influences on a high performance culture are leadership and management, and how they develop people management skills.

Management must take the lead in creating a high performance culture and clarify the strategic direction for the organisation.


As leaders, managers must show by example. They should:

  • Understand the strategic direction of the organisation
  • Listen to their people
  • Be open and transparent, and adequately tell it the way it is
  • Make decisions carefully and implement the outcome of the decision.
  • Don’t be afraid to make and implement the hard decision.
  • If things don’t go as planned, analyse what happened. Seek advice. Don’t blame and don’t cover up.

The Human Component

Managers should understand their team. The team are not robots.

The managers’ teams are made up of many and different people.

There are three important things managers should remember about their team.

  1. Every employee/contractor is entitled to be treated fairly and be safe at the workplace
  2. Managers and the organisation have a right to expect good performance. Poor performance must be managed.
  3. Lead by example

Once the leaders and managers of your business have adopted openness and understanding, the result is a high performance culture.