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Implementation of the NDIS

Disability Service Providers throughout Australia are currently coming to terms with the impact of the NDIS and how it will affect their organisation, their clients and their staff.

Funding arrangements will change. This means there will be less available money for management overheads such as HR specialists.


John Morrissey has been working with not for profit Disability Service Providers for more than 20 years.

John advises on performance management matters, industrial matters such as workplace complaints and investigations, unfair dismissals and appearances in the Fair Work Commission.

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What are the current issues?

As CEO’s, Managers, and Board Members of Disability Service Provides, you should consider:

Putting in place a Workplace Audit

A workplace audit is an analysis of your workplace contracts, employee classification, and pay rates.

The outcome of the workplace audit is for CEO’s and the Board to see what workplace practices have been developed in the workplace and evidence of non-compliance, eliminate/reduce risk of over/underpayment or wrong classification.

The overall aim is to ensure workforce costs are in line with NDIS Funding.

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Creating a high performance workplace culture

Creating a high performance culture can make an environment in the workplace to ensure work is done efficiently and the best outcomes for the organisation and the staff are achieved.

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Managers acting collegially

Encouraging managers to act in a collegial way to solve employment issues at the workplace where there is no dedicated HR department or internal support

The only constant in a manager’s work life is that there is a new challenge every day.

Managers should not consider themselves an island. The managers in Not for Profit services are colleagues. Each manager should foster with their co-managers for a collegiate environment.

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For Board Members:

  • When cash is tight consider obtaining the best advice on marshalling resources and ensuring solvent trading.
  • Amalgamation, mergers and auspicing will all be important considerations for all Board Members and CEOs.

What JFMLAW Can Do To Assist

We have already acted for a number of not for profit Disability Service Providers with regard to the NDIS, which puts us well ahead of most advisers in helping with the problems of rollout and consequent reorganisation.

We also know that various organisations are at different stages of the process, and this has been part of a learning curve for us, so that whatever phase your area is up to, we can help you whatever your current needs are.

How do we plan to help?

  • 2017 will see us running a series of in-house seminars at Disability Services throughout New South Wales. For further details about our upcoming seminars, contact us to discuss dates, times and locations.
  • John is also happy to visit Disability Service Providers in the Sydney, Illawarra and Hunter to discuss any workplace issues.
  • We will work with individual organisations to see which aspects of a Workplace Audit are right for you, and help CEOs and Board Members know whether the workplace complies with legislation such as the Fair Work Act and WH&S legislation.Workplace Audits are basic to the process, as they identify problem areas and once a problem is identified a solution can be achieved.
  • Changing workplace culture is difficult, and in some organisations, the workplace culture has not been aimed at high performance. We can suggest strategies to alter this and will be on standby when events do not go as you hoped they would.

Telephone John today to discuss a workplace audit for your organisation or get advice on matters that arise in your area as the NDIS is rolled out.

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