Buy Our Time in Blocks: How Our Fees Work For You

Saving Your Organisation Money, Ensuring You Survive and Thrive Under the NDIS

All Disability Service Providers encounter a range of situations, which can require solving a particular issue, updates of policies and procedures, business restructuring or general governance advice.

The services you can mix and match in a 5 hour block can include:

  • Developing flexible policies and practices for part-time and casual employees
  • Auditing policies and procedures
  • Providing a report of compliance to senior management and the Board
  • Phone guidance to managers about performance issues
  • Advice on mergers, acquisitions, auspices or general financial competency
  • Establishing performance criteria for employees
  • Reviewing HR policies and procedures, and providing a management plan
  • Assisting managers with employees on long term absences
  • Guiding organisations through workplace complaints, to avoid potential claims
  • Working with managers on procedurally fair terminations, to avoid Fair Work claims
  • Assisting managers with any Fair Work claims and preparing responses
  • Guiding CEOs and senior management on organisational restructuring
  • Advising CEOs and senior management on redundancies

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