The key to the success of all not for profit organisations is good governance

Governance helps to create a positive organisational culture. It ensures that the organisation operates in a manner that works towards the fulfilment of its strategy and charitable purposes.

Governance involves monitoring the culture, policies, procedures and directions that regulate the way in which the organisation is run on a day-to-day basis.

The importance of board policies

Board policies and procedures are guidelines regulating the operation of the board of an organisation. This serves to promote a positive culture and ensures that board business is conducted effectively and efficiently.

One of the most important board policies is the board code of conduct. This should attempt to establish a positive culture based on civility, inclusivity, punctuality, integrity and accountability.

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Board succession and recruitment

Good governance requires the organisation to have the right mix of people on the board. Board members should have different but complementary skills. This diversity will better allow the board to take a holistic view of the risks that it faces and the strategies it adopts. It helps to avoid the problems associated with groupthink.

It is a good idea to assess potential recruits on the basis of their general governance skills and experience, as well as their specific professional skills and experience. Recruits with financial, accounting, legal, governmental, marketing, and human resources skills are all useful to have on the board.

The recruitment process should start with creating position descriptions for new board members. These position descriptions should be tailored to the strategic needs of the organisation and the particular mix of skills that the board would like to maintain.

How can we help?

We can help you put in place effective governance structures for your organisation by:

  • Drafting policies and procedures that establish a positive board culture, including board codes of conduct and conflicts policies.
  • Assisting you to recruit and train talented new board members who are passionate about the charitable purposes of your organisation.
  • Advising you and other board members on their responsibilities and duties.
  • Assisting you with managing poor performance by board members.
  • Reviewing your organisation’s constitution and helping you through the process of changing it.
  • Providing the Chair with ongoing support on all governance issues that arise from time to time.

Contact us now and find out how we can help you to govern your organisation efficiently and effectively.

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