In order to protect your reputation in today’s world of technology and social media, it is important to create a culture within your organisation that encourages employees to raise their grievances in-house without fear of reprimand and without reverting to social media or otherwise venting their grievances in to cyberspace.

Protect your reputation as an employer

At JFMLAW, we have developed a range of policies and procedures for small to medium sized employers to make this possible and practical. In particular, we have developed a grievance policy which sets out that an employee is to raise any grievances with their manager or direct report before taking it to an external source such as the Fair Work Commission.

We have developed other policies, such as bullying and harassment policies, which cover the use of social media to ensure that it is clear to employees what is expected of them and what steps they can take when they feel they are being mistreated in the workplace.

The benefits of having such policies, provide protection in regards to the following:

  • WorkCover inspections;
  • Fair Work anti-bullying applications;
  • Fair Work unfair dismissal applications; and
  • Fair Work general protection (adverse action) applications.

If you are a small to medium sized employer and have any questions about protecting your reputation, or about employees who may have gone rogue, please give me a call on 02 9331 0266 or email me at If you mention this article, we would be happy to provide you with our policies and procedures free of charge.

Chris Lowe

Chris Lowe

Chris focuses on complex litigation involving employment law matters for both employers and employees, particularly matters relating to disputes in respect of restraints of trade and breaches of contract. He also acts for both employers and employees in unfair dismissal matters and general protection claims with significant experience in appearing before the Fair Work Commission.
Chris Lowe