Workplace Audit

Are your workplace practices, employee classifications, and policies & procedures compliant with the requirements of Modern Awards, Fair Work Australia and recent case law?

When considering whether your organisation is equipped to meet the changing demands of the NFP sector, the starting point will always be a workplace audit.

Benefits of a Workplace Audit

  • A workplace audit is the most effective way of showing you which areas of the workplace are compliant and which areas are non-compliant.
  • If your employment documents or workplace practices are in need of updating, it is better to know now rather than later, as you can manage non-compliance in a careful and measured way, without the input of Fair Work Ombudsman and/or employee unions.
  • An audit provides a streamlined process which promotes clarity about individual and collective responsibility as well as fostering management accountability.
  • Workplace audits promote confidence in the workplace and minimises the risks of reputational harm in the future.
  • Being surprised by a problem can show a lack of managerial depth. Fixing a problem before it becomes known is, generally, a very good statement of the organisation’s integrity and commitment to compliance obligations.

What Issues might arise in the course of a Workplace Audit?

Some of the most common issues which may come to light during a workplace audit include:

  • Workers overclassified or underclassified for their position under the Modern Award
  • Permanent part time employees working outside of their contracted hours
  • Casual employees incorrectly classified

Other aspects of Workplace Audits

What does a Workplace Audit look like?

JFMLAW workplace audits consist of a written report which will document the following:

  • A brief background of your organisation and the services which it provides
  • An overview of the staff demographic your organisation engages (e.g. full/part time employees, casual employees, independent contractors, volunteers etc)
  • The applicable Modern Award(s) your staff are engaged under
  • Your employment agreements and workplace policies and procedures
  • Highlight areas of concern which the Company may need to action

What is an audit template?

Once JFMLAW has completed your workplace audit, we will provide you with the tools to conduct your own in-house audit in the future. This will include a copy of our regularly updated audit template which highlights areas of particular concern which companies should be mindful of.

Using this template alongside the previous workplace audit conducted by JFMLAW will empower management staff to assess and appraise their own workplace practices before an issue arises.

After preparing their audit utilising the template provided, your organisation can send their findings to JFMLAW who will prepare a detailed advice based on the information gathered by your management staff.

Who can carry out the Audit?

As experienced and specialised employment lawyers, JFMLAW is well placed to conduct a thorough audit of your workplace documents, practices and procedures. We are mindful of recent developments or trends in employment law and will be attentive in seeking any areas of concern or potential concern within your workplace.

Is an in-house audit valuable?

An in-house audit can certainly be valuable- provided your staff have been equipped with the necessary tools to conduct such an audit:

  • By engaging JFMLAW to complete your first workplace audit, you can ensure that your management staff are well- equipped to assist with conducting future in-house audits.
  • After completing an initial audit, JFMLAW will provide you with a detailed template to use in future audits. We will also provide management with support and assistance when completing such audits. As a result of having completed the initial workplace audit, JFMLAW will be in a position to ensure management follow up on the most important issues.
  • Upon receipt of the relevant materials, JFMLAW will provide you with a written advice on the information provided to us.

What are the benefits of having an external Audit report?

External professionals such as JFMLAW have industry specific knowledge and expertise in the field of employment law and particularly in the not for profit sector. We are aware of the developments and trends in the area of not for profits and are experienced in conducting workplace reviews or investigations and providing reports to the CEO and the Board of Directors.

Having an external Audit report prepared makes your organisation more transparent.

How do you fix issues raised by the Audit?

An audit conducted by JFMLAW will contain recommendations for all highlighted areas of concern as well as indicating the potential implications of each area of concern. Where necessary to engage JFMLAW to assist with resolving issues raised by the audit, your organisation will receive  discounted rates for any such work.