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How Can A Deed Of Release Protect My Business?

A Deed of Release allows parties to settle on a matter without any admission of liability.

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Have you been terminated?

Depending on the nature of your termination, there are a number of available legal avenues.

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Are Restraints of Trade Really Enforceable?

Are restraints actually useful and should organisations use them more?

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Are you being underpaid at work?

For every job role there is a minimum rate of pay or salary which you are entitled to. Any less means you’re underpaid.

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Managing Workplace Injuries and Workers Compensation

Leave can be taken by anyone who is unwell for work because of an illness or injury. Are you clear on the details?

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Dealing With A Workplace Investigation Or Complaint

Recently, there has been a significant increase in executive employees being subject to complaints about their conduct.


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Employers legal advice
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JFMLAW are not your average lawyers.
We listen. We care.

Our clients, both employers and employees alike, want results. And they’ve come to rely on us to make the legal process as painless as possible. Blending up-to-the-minute laws with decades of experience, we continue to deliver specialised advice to clients in the Potts Point community and the wider Sydney area.

We understand…


Whether you are involved in negotiating a contract, during a workplace investigation or at the time of termination employees need an advocate who will represent their interest and ensure they have a fair deal.

JFMLAW has significant experience representing and working with employees in all areas of employment. Have a look at some of our articles and guides online.


Employment situations can be difficult, emotional and hard to manage. All businesses should have a strategic partner to guide them through these complexities.

JFMLAW is focused on training, guiding and engaging with managers, HR professionals and business owners to meet the strategic goals of your business. And JFMLAW’s Manager’s Toolkit is a great place to start.

Not For Profit Organisations

At JFMLAW we understand the complexity of operating a not for profit organisation. Having the best quality government procedures and employment practices in place help your organisation to strive and thrive, while meeting the ever changing demands of your clients.

JFMLAW have been working with not for profit organisations for more than 20 years to ensure compliance with regulations and legal challenges.

Use our experience to put your organisation first to get the best results for your clients.

Meet The Team

John Morrissey
John Morrissey
John has been a practising Sydney solicitor for 30 years, and for the past 20 a sole practitioner and the principal at JFMLAW. His main focus is employment law, advising small to medium-sized firms and their employees of their rights and obligations.
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Sladjana Skoric
Sladjana is a solicitor who works alongside employers and employees to solve complex workplace disputes. She has university degrees in both law and human resources. She blends her academic knowledge and practical experience to fight for tangible results for her clients.
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What our clients are saying

You have done a fantastic job on my matter, the team helped me make the best decisions in order to achieve the best outcomes. At all stages, I felt entirely comfortable that the process was running smoothly.  Communication was always in plain English and very responsive. I’ve never had any difficulty in getting through to the most senior people (Mr John Morrissey) at the firm.  The advice and support provided by you was always well-considered, balanced, pragmatic and unambiguous.

Employee, Accounting Services

What our clients are saying

The firm helped us enormously through a period workplace restructuring and set of redundancies, they guided us through this process, ensuring both the company and our employees were taken care of.

CEO, Not For Profit

What our clients are saying

When I was starting my own business I was unsure how to structure my workplace, how much to pay employees and what obligations I had as an employer. JFM Law were able to give me practical and useful advice in starting my own business, ensuring I was protecting myself and my growing business from future claims.

Small Business Owner

What our clients are saying

After my employment was terminated and I was asked to sign a deed of release, I decided to seek legal advice to ensure the deed was fair to me and I was getting a fair settlement. JFMLAW helped me to secure a much more generous settlement and ensured that I left my former employer on good terms and with the relationship still intact. The advice was given promptly and questions and updates were quickly followed up.

Employee, International Brand

What our clients are saying

My company are long term clients of JFM Law and continue to continue to return here when we have any employment law issues. The team is professional, proactive and innovative in their approach to addressing our needs.

Partner, Tech Company

What our clients are saying

John and his team were extremely useful in assisting me after my employment was terminated. Their advocacy on my behalf led to an excellent settlement of the matter.


What our clients are saying

I was subject to a workplace investigation that was dragging on, keeping me out of work. John was able to assist me in resolving the investigation quickly and negotiating my return to work as soon as was possible.

Employee, Transport Industry

What our clients are saying

I left my employment, hoping to start my own business, John and his team were able to assist me in negotiating the termination of my employment.

Executive Employee

What our clients are saying

We had to restructure our business because our funding revenues changed. The employees were angry and I felt like I was in over my head, so I came to the office to see John and his team. They provided me with a comprehensive strategy that broke the process down into bite sized pieces. The strategy worked really well. It’s good to get advice from lawyers like Louise who have a real specialisation in the not for profit sector. I liked that they came out to our care home to meet the employees and the board, and gave me a role to play in the process.


What our clients are saying

I sought John’s advice about a disruptive board member. He hardly turned up to any board meetings. When he did, he ruined them one way or another. John helped to outline the practical and legal steps that the board and I could take to resolve the situation. He was very knowledgeable, and we haven’t had problems since.


What our clients are saying

I am an in-house lawyer who only works a few days a week. I have a good grasp of the consumer complaints and contractual issues that come across my desk on a day to day basis, but I do not have a background in employment law. I always pick up the phone to John when an issue pops up. They provide quick and cheap advice that has proved invaluable in the smooth running of the workplace.