Coronavirus’ business impact: Standing down employees

The coronavirus means that a lot of businesses simply won’t have enough work to carry on. When do employers have a right to stand down employees?

What You Need To Know About Leave

Under the National Employment Standards (NES), full-time and part-time employees are entitled to take work leave for a number of different reasons.

The Employer's Guide To Managing An Underpayment Of Wages Claim

It is the duty of the employer to avoid an underpayment of wages claim and ensure that their employees are being paid correctly.

Dealing With The Workplace Investigation Process

5 things all executive employees should know about how to handle complaints and the workplace investigation process.

What To Look For In Your Executive Employment Contract

A guide to help executives with negotiating an executive employment contract, managing workplace changes, understanding restrictive covenants and responding to complaints.

Do You Work Under The Banking And Finance Award?

Get help understanding the banking and finance award system, how the high income threshold can affect you, and whether a redundancy is legitimate.

5 Things Overseas Employers Should Know About Australian Employment Laws

To avoid penalties, overseas employers need to be aware of the requirements set by Australian employment laws before hiring staff within Australia to.

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Access our employer's guide to COVID19

We have put together a suite of practical articles and free templates to help you navigate your business and workforce through the COVID-19 crisis!

Step-by-step guide to managing an SME workfocrce during COVID-19 pandemic

IS YOUR BUSINESS EXPERIENCING A DOWNTURN IN DEMAND?  The federal government has introduced an economic support package which provides assistance for small business to keep people employed until the coronavirus crisis (‘COVID-19’) has passed. DO YOU NEED TO STAND DOWN...

Putting in place a COVID-19 Workplace Policy – with free template

Ensure the safety of your employee, and protect your business from potential liability, by putting in place an appropriate ‘Workplace Policy’ that adequately deals with the COVID-19 threat. Included in this article is a free sample workplace policy template.

Directing your employees to work from home – with free template

A 'mass migration' from the office to the home is taking place across the world - as businesses seek to protect the health of their employees from COVID-19. But for many employees, this is going to be challenging, and they will require a lot of support and direction...

Request to take annual leave or long service leave – with free template

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) provides that an Award may include terms requiring an employee to take paid leave in particular circumstances, but only if the requirement is reasonable. Similar provision is made for award free employees. Unfortunately, the Fair Work Act...

How to reduce working hours for employees – with free template

Employers can reduce their permanent employees’ hours of work in accordance with the relevant Modern Award, and with the employee’s consent. For information on Modern Awards, see the Fair Work Ombudsman Site here. If your employee does not agree to a reduction in...

How to stand down your employees – with free template

Find out if you can stand down your employees, and use our free template to implement this measure in a compliant way.

Can you still collect strata levies under the new COVID-19 bankruptcy laws?

With the recent changes to the bankruptcy laws to provide some reprieve for financially stressed people, the board of your Owners Corporation may be asking itself – can we still enforce the payment of overdue levies? The short answer is yes. You may also be considering providing some financial relief to owners. We talk about how you can do this.

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Employers legal advice
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Our clients, both employers and employees alike, want results. And they’ve come to rely on us to make the legal process as painless as possible. Blending up-to-the-minute laws with decades of experience, we continue to deliver specialised advice to clients in the Potts Point community and the wider Sydney area.

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Whether you are involved in negotiating a contract, during a workplace investigation or at the time of termination employees need an advocate who will represent their interest and ensure they have a fair deal.

JFMLAW has significant experience representing and working with employees in all areas of employment. Have a look at some of our articles and guides online.


Employment situations can be difficult, emotional and hard to manage. All businesses should have a strategic partner to guide them through these complexities.

JFMLAW is focused on training, guiding and engaging with managers, HR professionals and business owners to meet the strategic goals of your business. And JFMLAW’s Manager’s Toolkit is a great place to start.

Not For Profit Organisations

At JFMLAW we understand the complexity of operating a not for profit organisation. Having the best quality governance procedures and employment practices in place help your organisation to strive and thrive, while meeting the ever changing demands of your clients.

JFMLAW have been working with not-for-profit organisations for more than 20 years to ensure compliance with regulations and legal challenges.

Use our experience to put your organisation first to get the best results for your clients.

What our clients are saying

With all your experience and wisdom to develop a strategy to get the other side to negotiate, it was the compassionate and understanding manner of you and Sladjana Skoric that gave me the most hope and re-assurance that a resolution would be achieved.

Having dealt with many of the “big” legal firms in various matters over the years, the advice and service provided by your team was second to none.

I could not have achieved this outcome without you and Sladjana guiding the way. My thanks seems so insufficient.

Nicholas Ferrara, Wahroonga

What our clients are saying

JFM Law, I can say with no hesitation, are one of Sydney’s leading law firms and one I most enjoy working with. I know when engaging JFM Law that I will get a prompt response and I can trust that the advice provided can be relied upon. 

Thank you for your assistance this past year to the team at JFM Law. I hope that I personally can work with your office a lot more in 2019.

John Martin, Jamesons Strata Management, Wollongong

What our clients are saying

We cannot speak highly enough of the team at JFMLAW for their assistance to us over the past 12 months.  We have used JFMLAW on a number of employment related matters, mainly with employment contracts, and more recently with advice in regard to an employee who failed to give any notice period.

The service we have received has always been a prompt turn-around.  I can highly recommended JFMLAW, it’s always a pleasure to work with them and we look forward to continuing to work together in the near future.

Leigh Austin, Traff1k D1g1tal, Taupo NZ

What our clients are saying

John Morrissey and the team at JFM LAW have supported us for many years. They are an integral part of our business and we know that we can rely on them to give us fair advice. They have helped us through many employment disputes. They have helped us set up our entire employment structure and have advised us in a range of cases. They have been great and we have been able to have confidence in the advice they have given us.

Simon Moss, The Recruitment Company, Sydney

What our clients are saying

The legal advice and service rendered by JFM LAW was most competent and professional in every respect and was greatly appreciated .

I would have no hesitation in recommending JFM LAW to any entity or person seeking sound and objective legal advice and dedicated service.

G.E. Kavanagh, Drumcliff Investments, Cammeray

What our clients are saying

JFM Law provided exactly the legal assistance I required at a very, very difficult time. The service was impeccably professional, knowledgeable, and perhaps as important, kind and caring. John Morrissey and Sladjana Skoric both took time and effort to calmly and gently explain legal processes and procedures with which I was entirely unfamiliar.

The legal advice and services the team provided me were all first rate and they achieved an excellent outcome that was utterly unexpected when we first met and I explained my situation. I cannot recommend JFM Law and their work highly enough.

Iain Shearer