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How Can A Deed Of Release Protect My Business?

A Deed of Release allows parties to settle on a matter without any admission of liability.

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Have you been terminated?

Depending on the nature of your termination, there are a number of available legal avenues.

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Are Restraints of Trade Really Enforceable?

Are restraints actually useful and should organisations use them more?

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Are you being underpaid at work?

For every job role there is a minimum rate of pay or salary which you are entitled to. Any less means you’re underpaid.

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Managing Workplace Injuries and Workers Compensation

Leave can be taken by anyone who is unwell for work because of an illness or injury. Are you clear on the details?

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Dealing With A Workplace Investigation Or Complaint

Recently, there has been a significant increase in executive employees being subject to complaints about their conduct.


Employees legal assistance
Employers legal advice
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JFMLAW are not your average lawyers.
We listen. We care.

Our clients, both employers and employees alike, want results. And they’ve come to rely on us to make the legal process as painless as possible. Blending up-to-the-minute laws with decades of experience, we continue to deliver specialised advice to clients in the Potts Point community and the wider Sydney area.

We understand…


Whether you are involved in negotiating a contract, during a workplace investigation or at the time of termination employees need an advocate who will represent their interest and ensure they have a fair deal.

JFMLAW has significant experience representing and working with employees in all areas of employment. Have a look at some of our articles and guides online.


Employment situations can be difficult, emotional and hard to manage. All businesses should have a strategic partner to guide them through these complexities.

JFMLAW is focused on training, guiding and engaging with managers, HR professionals and business owners to meet the strategic goals of your business. And JFMLAW’s Manager’s Toolkit is a great place to start.

Not For Profit Organisations

At JFMLAW we understand the complexity of operating a not for profit organisation. Having the best quality government procedures and employment practices in place help your organisation to strive and thrive, while meeting the ever changing demands of your clients.

JFMLAW have been working with not for profit organisations for more than 20 years to ensure compliance with regulations and legal challenges.

Use our experience to put your organisation first to get the best results for your clients.

Meet The Team

John Morrissey
John Morrissey
John has been a practising Sydney solicitor for 30 years, and for the past 20 a sole practitioner and the principal at JFMLAW. His main focus is employment law, advising small to medium-sized firms and their employees of their rights and obligations.
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Sladjana Skoric
Sladjana is a solicitor who works alongside employers and employees to solve complex workplace disputes. She has university degrees in both law and human resources. She blends her academic knowledge and practical experience to fight for tangible results for her clients.
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What our clients are saying

It has been a trying time for me over the last couple of months. The awful nature of my employer’s actions, after 17 years of service, caused great despair, anxiety and stress for my family and me. The attempt to discredit my reputation, making false allegations and then terminating my employment was so extremely opposite to the professional conduct of its past managing directors.

The calm steadying and professional advice based on your experience certainly assisted me in keeping my head. To be able to air my grievances and not to be reproached made me feel better. However, with all your experience and wisdom to develop a strategy to get the other side to negotiate, it was the compassionate and understanding manner of you and Sladjana Skoric that gave me the most hope and re-assurance that a resolution would be achieved.

Having dealt with many of the “big” legal firms in various matters over the years, the advice and service provided by your team was second to none. Legal costs can escalate quickly, and you managed the process economically and without much ado.

I could not have achieved this outcome without you and Sladjana guiding the way. My thanks seems so insufficient.

Nicholas Ferrara, Wahroonga

What our clients are saying

Quite simply, JFM Law I can say with no hesitation, are one of Sydney’s leading law firms and one I most enjoy working with. I know when engaging JFM Law that I will get a prompt response and I can trust that the advice provided can be relied upon. I appreciate the professionalism shown by JFM Law and the time taken to consider the matter posed to the office of JFM Law. I don’t get a generic reply nor a quick email response. I get a letter. I get something that I can read and most importantly, something that is easy to understand.

Thank you for your assistance this past year to the team at JFM Law. I hope that I personally can work with your office a lot more in 2019.

John Martin, Jamesons Strata Management, Wollongong

What our clients are saying

We cannot speak highly enough of the team at JFMLAW for their assistance to us over the past 12 months.  We have used JFMLAW on a number of employment related matters, mainly with employment contracts – alternations and recommendations and more recently with advice in regard to an employee who failed to give any notice period, where we stood legally with final payments.

The service we have always received has always been a prompt turn -around of the information or clarification in regard to our legal employment matters.  I can highly recommended JFMLAW, it’s always a pleasure to work with them and we look forward to continuing to work together in the near future.

Leigh Austin, Traff1k D1g1tal, Taupo NZ

What our clients are saying

John Morrissey and the team at JFM LAW have supported us for many years. They are an integral part of our business and we know that we can rely on them to give us fair advice. They have helped us through many employment disputes, they have helped us set up our entire employment structure and have advised us in a range of cases.  Historically we have been helped by John however over the last year we have also had the pleasure of dealing with others within the team. They have been great and we have been able to have confidence in the advice they have given us.

Simon Moss, The Recruitment Company, Sydney

What our clients are saying

The legal advice and service rendered by JFM LAW was most competent and professional in every respect and was greatly appreciated .

I would have no hesitation in recommending JFM LAW to any entity or person seeking sound and objective legal advice and dedicated service.

G.E. Kavanagh, Drumcliff Investments, Cammeray

What our clients are saying

JFM Law provided exactly the legal assistance I required at a very, very difficult time in mid-2018. The service was impeccably professional, knowledgeable, and perhaps as important, kind and caring. John Morrissey and Sladjana Skoric both took time and effort to calmly and gently explain legal processes and procedures with which I was entirely unfamiliar, at a a moment when I have probably been at my lowest. The legal advice and services the team at JFM Law provided me were all first rate and they achieved an excellent outcome that was utterly unexpected when we first met and I explained my situation. I cannot recommend JFM Law and their work highly enough.

Iain Shearer