A Collegial Management Structure

The only constant in a manager’s work life is that there is a new challenge every day.

Managers should not consider themselves an island. The managers in Not for Profit services are colleagues. Each manager should foster with their co-managers for a collegial environment.

There are 5 benefits of a collegial management structure.

  • Problems and solutions should be discussed. It does not hurt to ask for another’s views. The benefit is that the solution is tested and the right outcome is achieved.
  • Complex client issues in disability services are many and varied. Talk about them with your colleagues. The experience of others will be valuable. This is a benefit to you and the client. Good client outcomes reflect well on you and your team.
  • Always acknowledge the help and support of your colleagues. This fosters goodwill. This goodwill flows form you to your team. Goodwill makes management easier.
  • Having a supportive collegiate environment enables you as a manager to ask for help in managing your team when you are away such as on holidays. Remember, this support is a two way street.
  • A strongly united management team is in the best interest of clients, staff, and the organisation. You will grow as a manager by the client and organisation having excellent outcomes.

Remember, stay connected to your co-managers.