So you’ve secured a new job and can’t wait to get started?!

We realise you don’t want to annoy your new boss before you’ve even got your feet under the desk, but you really should ensure the employment terms they’re offering are fair and reasonable. Do they match what they promised in the interview?

Given you’re taking on a senior role, the terms of your contract will be quite sophisticated and justify a thorough review.

What needs to be done?

You’ve received the employment offer, but you’re not sure whether the role description, KPIs, remuneration and bonus arrangements, employee equity, restraints-of-trade and notice periods are all properly documented. You’re also finding it hard to judge whether the terms are fair, and are the best you can get.

You need a professional, who sees employment offers every day, to let you know if the deal if fair, and where it can be improved.

Why you need to get it right the first time

You’re likely to be in this new role for a significant period of time. If you start off on the wrong foot, with poor terms, it could cost you tens of thousands in lost remuneration and lost opportunities. You don’t want to be playing catch-up for years to come.

After our thorough review, we will ensure that:

  • You understand the key benefits and pitfalls of the offer; and
  • You know the terms are fair, and the best you can get, based on what’s generally accepted in the market.

Our 4-step Review Process

After you have engaged us to help, we will:

  • Talk with you to understand your specific concerns, questions, and key objectives.
  • Review the materials you provide to us, e.g. a copy of your employment offer or draft contract.
  • Speak with you over the phone about any key concerns and opportunities.
  • Provide you with a written summary of the key terms and our recommended amendments.

We do this all for a reasonable, fixed price.

Moving forward with confidence

Everyone should know where they stand before starting a new job.

After we have reviewed the offer together, you’ll know there’s nothing standing in the way of you taking the next step in your bright career.

You deserve to get off on the right foot.

Call us now on (02) 9199 8597 to get the review started.

You will be put straight through to a great lawyer who will be able to kick-off your contract review.