We note that many businesses are being heavily affected by the challenging economic conditions created by the COVID-19 outbreak especially in light of the new measures implemented to protect the Australian community from the spread of COVID-19.

You may have concerns about new measures effective from today (Monday 23 March 2020) on restrictions on business activity announced by our Prime Minister and how these measures/restrictions will affect your business. In short – can staff still attend your place of work?

We advise as follows.

On 22 March 2020, the Prime Minister, announced new measures and restrictions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, the Stage 1 restrictions that will come into place at 12:00 noon today will not have an effect on your business. The Stage 1 restrictions apply to the below facilities.

  • Pubs, registered and licenced clubs (Excluding bottle shops attached to these venues), hotels (excluding accommodation).
  • Gyms and indoor sporting venues.
  • Cinemas, entertainment venues, casinos, and night clubs.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Religious gatherings, places of worship or funerals (in enclosed spaces and other than very small groups and where the 1 person per 4 square meter rule applies).
  • Isolated remote community hubs are not included in these restrictions.

If your business does not fall within the above facilities your business can continue to operate as per usual. However, please note that other facilities (which may or may not include the industry your business trades in) may be considered under Stage 2 restrictions.

In summary, your business can continue its usual trading ensuring the following:

  • Ensuring the best standard of cleanliness and health and safety practice are upheld by all employees.
  • Request that all employees inform you of any contact they may have with people who have travelled or who may have been in contact with someone with the COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Ask your employees to stay home if they feel unwell.
  • Encourage remote working, if possible.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.