Employment Contracts

Minimise costly and time consuming disputes with professionally-drafted employment contracts

Employment contracts written in plain English are essential for all businesses. They provide certainty about the legal rights and obligations of both you and your staff. You should be able to get on with business without the worry of major disruptions and legal fees.

A well drafted employment contract can help protect the commercial interests of your business, both during and after their employment.

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How to protect your business’ confidential information – post-employment restraints

An employer’s confidential information is key to its commercial success.

If trade secrets, business plans, client lists or financial data get into the wrong hands, your profitability can be jeopardised.

In this regard, we’ve helped employers draft employment contracts to include clauses restraining employees from:

  • Disclosing the employer’s confidential information without the employer’s written consent, either during or after the term of the contract, except as required by law.
  • Using the employer’s confidential information either during or after the term of the contract, except as is required in the performance of the employee’s duties or as required by law.

Employers should make sure they are as specific as possible when defining ‘confidential information’ so that all possible scenarios are covered for their specific business.

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Protect your business when your employees leave with restraints of trade

Restraint of trade clauses within your employment contracts protects your interests. They restrict the conduct of an employee after they leave your business.

For example, a ‘non-compete’ clause prevents a former employer from setting up or working for a competitor who operates within a defined geographical area for a set period of time.

Another important example of restraints of trade is a ‘non-solicitation’ clause. This will prevent a former employee from soliciting the business of your valued and hard-earned clients.

Restraints of trade won’t be enforceable against a former employee unless they are drafted carefully and precisely, which is where we come in.

How can we help you with your employment contracts?

We can help you put an effective contractual structure in place by:

  • Advising you on the sorts of clauses that your contracts should have.
  • Drafting and updating employment contracts for casual, part-time, full-time and senior executive employees.
  • Advising you on whether the clauses in your existing employment contracts are enforceable.
  • Assisting you to classify your employees correctly.

Whether you run an existing business that needs its contracts reviewed, or you are starting up a new business that needs to put a fair, commercially realistic contracts in place, we’re here to help.

Please get in touch to discuss how our employment lawyers can help your business.

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