The high profile complaints against ex High Court judge Dyson Heydon have sent shockwaves across the community. With the ever-evolving movements such as #metoo, more and more people are feeling empowered to express their own stories of sexual harassment, victimisation or discrimination, and seek justice through compensation avenues.

What is sexual harassment, victimisation or discrimination?

The Anti-discrimination Board of NSW provides the following definitions:

  1. Discrimination is treating someone unfairly because of a characteristic they have, or they are assumed to have, that is protected by New South Wales law.
  2. Sexual harassment is any unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature that makes someone feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.
  3. If you are mistreated because you have made (or plan to make) a complaint of discrimination, or you have provided information or evidence about a complaint of discrimination, this is known as victimisation.

What should I do if I have experienced sexual harassment, victimisation or discrimination?

If you wish to progress with a claim in New South Wales there are two institutions you may consider making a claim in, these are the Australian Human Rights Commission and Anti-Discrimination NSW. Each have different jurisdictions and what forum will be appropriate for your claim depends on several factors, including:

  1. The type of claim;
  2. The time of when the incidents occurred;
  3. The compensation sought; and
  4. The relevant legislation you are seeking to rely on to base your claim.

If you are based elsewhere in Australia, there are similar state-based institutions in place which we can assist our clients to navigate on an individual case by case basis.

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