Your on-call HR Department (at a fraction of the cost)

If you’re a SME enterprise in Potts Point or the surrounding eastern suburbs of Sydney, and you don’t have a dedicated HR manager, then we’re the team for you.

For a fraction of the cost (and stress) of doing it in-house yourself, we’ll provide you with the HR back-up you need to stay on top of your game.

Our on-tap and tailored Rapid-HR service is everything you need to select the right employees, performance manage them along the way, and move the wrong types on – all the while avoiding unfair dismissal claims and underpayment penalties. We’ll do both the clean and the dirty work.

Call us on 1300 88 23 86 for a no-obligation chat about how we can take this load off your shoulders.

We’ll fit in with your business (and not reinvent the wheel)

Working with you, we begin by getting to know your business’ culture and existing HR processes. There’s no point re-investing the wheel.

We just want to focus on what’s not getting done, and help you out with that.

After we know what you have in place, we’ll provide you with recommendations to update your HR processes to put you in the best possible position going forward. We won’t be making unnecessary work at this stage. Once again, we will assess where you are at, and what is most pressing, and start there. This may be updating your Policies and Procedures to better enable you to performance manage a difficult employee, or update a Job Description for a new recruit.

What our Rapid-HR service includes (hint, everything you need)

In short, we act as your ‘in-house’ HR department – and our service includes everything you need in this area.

Hiring. Performance Management. Firing. We’ve got you covered.

Want to hire someone?

No problem. We will help you spec the job and vet the candidates. Our role normally includes:

  • Preparing an appropriate Job Description and KPIs;
  • Preparing a tailored Employment Contract. Full-time, part-time, fixed-term or casual, you choose; and
  • Assessing what Modern Award applies, what classification the employee falls under, and their appropriate remuneration.

If you are working with a recruitment agent, then we can liaise with them to put this in place. If you are doing the recruiting yourself, then we can either work with you, or actually step in and provide a structured vetting and interview service.

Need to performance manage someone? 

Nobody takes on an employee with the expectation that they won’t be able to do the job. But the said fact is, from time to time an employee will struggle to meet the performance that is required of them.

When the time arises we will help you:

  • Set clear expectations. This includes clear and complete Job Descriptions, KPIs and workplace Policies & Procedures;
  • Monitor ongoing performance in a structured way, and help you communicate your findings with your employees; and
  • Proactively manage underperformance, including performance reviews, follow-ups and KPIs comparisons.

Struggling to meet your training requirements?

Part of your responsibility as an employer is to make sure your team understand what is expected of them in the workplace. This includes work health and safety issues, as well as workplace issues such as sexual harassments, bullying and discrimination.

We will schedule and deliver all the in-house training your team requires, in the comfort of your workplace, and at a fraction of the cost of all those external seminar!

Time to move someone on?

No matter what all the movies say about ‘Big-Bosses’ heartlessly terminating employees willy-nilly, we all know there are few things worse than having to terminate an employee. This is so, even when the employee has clearly acted in a manner that justifies termination.

The good new is that our HR service extends to the delicate process of terminating one of your team. We can do this with you (as an independent witness), or for you. We will ensure that the termination is fair and lawful, and also respectful of the employee’s dignity.

OK, so something has gone wrong. Now what!?

No matter how careful you are, things inevitably go wrong. You may have followed all the rules before terminating someone, and you may in fact be fully in the right. But that won’t necessarily mean you don’t end up before the Fair Work Commission anyway.

We can assist you deal with anything from a simple complaint, to the most complex of workplace disputes.

How do we charge?

Gently. We offer either a monthly subscription service or an al la carte fixed price service. Call us and we will talk you through the numbers.

What to do next

Call us on 1300 88 23 86 for a no-obligation and confidential chat about how we can help you manage your team.



P.S. You may be wondering how we are different to all those other ‘HR services’ and subscriptions you see all over the internet, and sponsoring events, etc. Well, to start with, we’re not spending a small fortune on marketing and promotion. We spend our resources on quality staff. More importantly, we are offering a genuine ‘in person’ and tailored service, by a team of local and experienced employment lawyers.

When we ask our clients why they choose us over other services, the constant theme of their feedback is clear – We don’t disappear when something goes wrong.