Managing Long Term Absence

As an employer, long term absence can be difficult to deal with

But, it doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. If you’re aware of the rights of staff on leave, and implement an effective strategy to allow them to return to work, you can hope for better outcomes.

We can help you deal with long term absence sensitively and in a way that minimises workplace disruption.

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Extended parental leave

Staff who have worked for their employer for at least twelve months are entitled to twelve months’ unpaid parental leave.

If an employee on parental leave requests a further twelve months’ leave, the request can only be refused on reasonable grounds.

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Constructing return to work plans

Employers have a statutory obligation to devise a return to work plan if an employee’s long term absence was related to an approved workers compensation claim.

These plans are for the employee’s gradual reintroduction into the workplace. It should be created by the employer, in consultation with the employee and relevant medical professionals.

A well-developed plan includes adjustments to the employee’s ordinary duties in the interim period, and assigns a senior employee to be the returning employee’s buddy or mentor during that period.

How can we help?

Our specialist employment lawyers can help you manage employee leave by:

  • Clarifying your legal obligations to provide leave, and the rights that your staff have whilst on leave.
  • Drafting leave policies to ensure your company deals with requests for long term leave and return to work arrangements in a practical and fair manner.
  • Managing any complex overlap between long term absence and poor performance.
  • Drafting return to work plans.

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