A clear trend we are witnessing during this COVID 19 period is employers becoming more commercially savvy and adopting a hardline approach to limiting expenditures in all facets of their businesses.

This is having a flow-on effect among our employee clients, who are often on the receiving end of a hardline approach to termination, and who are seeking compensation for unfair dismissal or a general protections remedy.

In recent matters we have been running for employees in both general protections and unfair dismissal conciliations, we are seeing an increasing trend of employers simply refusing to put forward an offer. In the conciliation stage there is no requirement for employers to actively seek to resolve the matter, and more are electing simply not to engage.

Many employers are choosing to allow matters to pass through the conciliation stage, leaving employees with a difficult decision of whether to continue with a claim through formal hearings, or simply walk away.

In response to this clear trend, JFMLAW have implemented several cost-sensitive strategies to counteract these employer tactics. In doing so, we continue to be able to assist our employee clients navigate these difficult times.

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