The work Christmas party is a great way to celebrate the end of the year. There are many advantages of having a Christmas party. Some of these reasons may be; building workplace relationships, encouraging incentives, boosting employee retention rate and lastly, having fun.

Christmas Parties

Building workplace relationships

When it comes to relationships in the workplace, they may be strictly professional or merely just to complete daily tasks. Social events such as an annual Christmas party breaks the professionalism and adds a more relaxed and social environment. Consequently, this builds a stronger relationship between the employees and their employer. Most social events encourage bonding in order for work to be more than just performing tasks where each person should work together as a team to increase their work productivity.

Encouraging incentives

Work Christmas parties may provide incentives for employees to work harder throughout the year if incentives are available. For example, different or higher roles or an increase in wages may give employees an incentive to work more hours or go the extra mile. Employers may reward high performers and can provide any feedback to employees. Announcements may also be made for any changes for the following year.

Boosting employee retention

How can Christmas parties boost employee retention? Celebrating everyone’s hard work at the end of the year is rewarding and enjoyable. As an employee and potentially considering moving to a different workplace, being rewarded and recognised for all of your efforts at the end may keep employees there despite any challenges they may have faced. Celebrating hard work and your employer recognising that is a big accomplishment.

Having fun

The work Christmas party should be mainly all about the fun. The work year may have been stressful and challenging but celebrating what you have accomplished should be reason to celebrate with all of your colleagues.

JFMLAW would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season.