Managing Workplace Risks under the NDIS

Managers of disability service providers should know how their organisation can meet the challenges set by a new era – client directed funding, increasingly vigilant regulators and the intense public focus on client abuse. As if that wasn’t enough, low cost disability services providers are radically disrupting the way in which staff are engaged and services are provided to clients.

Organisations alive to the risks and opportunities created by the new environment will be well placed to serve their clients more efficiently and effectively than ever. Those that do not may struggle to survive.

This booklet gives you practical guidance on responding to some of the biggest risks and opportunities, covering:

  • Highlights opportunities offered by flexible workplace and helps you to put them in place.
  • Explains the grounds on which you could lose your registration to provide supports under the NDIS, and gives you proactive and cost-effective mechanisms to ensure this does not happen.
  • Identifies common pitfalls associated with workplace investigations, and gives you a pathway around them.

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Managing Workplace Risks Under The NDIS

Managing Workplace Risks Under The NDIS