This Guide is for managers of disability services providers who are working hard to lead their organisations through a difficult period of change. It answers questions about how your organisation can meet the challenges of client directed funding, increasingly vigilant regulators and the intense public focus on client abuse.

The guidebook, Managing Workplace Risks Under The NDIS, covers:

  • Promoting workplace flexibility

  • Protecting your registration as an NDIS service provider

  • Conducting effective workplace investigations

We hope this handbook helps to provide the advice you need in an easy and accessible way. But, if something tricky comes up or you have any questions, we’re only a phone call away.

John Morrissey

T: +61 2 9331 0266

John Morrissey has been a practising Sydney solicitor for 30 years, and for the past 20 a sole practitioner and the principal at JFMLAW.

His main focus employment law, advising small to medium-sized firms and their employees of their rights and obligations.

For many years he was a lecturer at UTS to students obtaining Masters in Human Resources Management with a focus on performance management and creating a culture of delivery in workplaces. John has acted for a significant number of employers, not only in developing a performance based culture in the workplace but also solving particular problems that arise relating to unfair dismissal, contract disputes, improper use of intellectual property or other property as well as enforcements of restraints of trade.

John is very happy to speak to any employer who has an issue on a free of charge basis by a phone call. Please feel free to ring John at anytime up to 6pm most days.
John Morrissey