The 2016 Budget, delivered by Treasurer Scott Morrison last night, sees changes for job seekers under the age of 25.

Job seekers who fall within this category will be able to register for “intensive pre-employment skills training” starting in April 2017. The government will then work with businesses on an internship program, where job seekers will work 15 – 25 hours per week for one to three months.

In exchange for this, the government will top up the job seeker’s regular income support payment by an extra $200.00 per fortnight.

JFM Law is a boutique firm of employment law specialists, and we have dealt with a number of matters regarding employees undertaking internships, paid or unpaid.

The internships introduced by the government in the Budget have the potential to impact employers significantly. Employers should be very aware that interns are still covered by laws around Work Health and Safety, bullying, harassment and discrimination, amongst others.

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