JFMAndreyev is very happy to launch the fourth edition of our Company Title Handbook. Our handbook has been assisting company title building managers and boards with the day to day governance of their buildings for many years. The fourth edition responds to updates in the company title environment in recent times, whilst preserving our foundational and explanatory approach to company title law and its issues.

  • How can you collect unpaid levies?
  • How should you approach common property issues?
  • Should you allow owners to AirBnB or short term let their properties?
  • How do you deal with work, health and safety obligations?
  • Is your Constitution well-understood and adequate?

This handbook will address all of these questions and more, acting as a first point of call for building managers, owners and board members of company title properties. We understand that it’s not always practical or cost-efficient to engage professional advice in response to every issue that arises, but we also know the importance of an airtight Constitution, good House Rules and the smooth day-to-day running of your building.

We hope this handbook helps to provide the advice you need in an easy and accessible way. But, if something tricky comes up or you have any questions, contact JFMAndreyev on (02) 9199 8597 for a no obligation chat. If you would rather get in contact through email, send your question through or by email at wehelp@jfmandreyev.com.au.