Sydney strata title lawyers

Living in a strata titled building can be fun, but it can also have its challenges! The building manager, owners’ corporation, units owners and residents, must all work together to keep things on track.

Sometimes it’s not entirely clear what can and can’t be done – whether it’s keeping a pet, or making a substantial improvement. Who is responsible for What? When a dispute breaks out, it can be hard to find a way for everyone to calm down and focus on what matters.

We’re here to answer your difficult questions, ensure your documents are in order, and resolve disputes in a way that heals relationships rather than breaks them.

We will help you quickly find your way back to harmonious communal living.

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Some of the things we can help you with are:

  • Reviewing your building management and caretaker agreements
  • Resolving your strata community disputes
  • Assisting with issues relating to common property maintenance and repairs
  • Updating and drafting new By-laws
  • Resolving building defects
  • Building re-developments, including navigating planning issues and development approvals (DA’s)
  • Meeting procedures and governance