Training & Seminars

JFMLAW offers a series of training and seminar sessions for managers and directors on the subjects of:

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Company Title Seminars

JFMLAW will be holding a Company Title Seminar in the Rex Centre in Potts Point on 4 August 2018 and on 20 October 2018.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • The basics in Company Title regulation and law;
  • Updating and modernising Constitutions and House Rules to meet modern challenges;
  • Good governance for Board of directors, including managing risks, communicating with shareholders and dealing with complaints;

John Morrissey has been advising on Company Tile matters for many years and has a wealth of experience on the issues buildings face. The seminar is a great resource for both directors and shareholders alike and will aim to increase attendees’ understanding of both their rights and duties in the building.

Recent Changes in Employment Law

John Morrissey will be speaking to a group of chartered accountants on “Recent Changes in Employment Law” on 2 March in The Rocks and 11 April in Hornsby.

These seminars are an informative insight into the changing landscape of employment law and areas of interest or concern to managers and employers.

Workplace Manager Training

JFMLAW Employment Lawyers are offering workplace training in managing workplace issues, implementing good workplace policies and employers appearing in the Fair Work Commission.

This training is invaluable in ensuring employers and managers have minimised workplace issues before they occur and are prepared to deal with complaints as they arise.