Training & Seminars

JFMLAW offers a series of training and seminar sessions for managers and directors on the subjects of:

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Allied Health Employment Law

This seminar is specifically aimed at health care professionals and will cover relevant topics innate to the health care industry. Topics will include:

  • The distinction between contractors and employees;
  • Managing tax and superannuation requirements for contractors;
  • How to protect your client base through the use of restraint clauses;
  • Managing employee leave entitlements; and
  • Upcoming risks in the Allied Health sphere.

Company Title Seminars

4 August – Stanton Library, North Sydney – 10:00-12:00

This seminar is aimed at providing owners of company title buildings with guidance on the most common issues that may arise. Topics covered will include:

  • Recent issues that have arisen with short term leasing and how best to manage short term leases:
  • An introduction to governance; and
  • How to prevent and manage defective repairs with a particular focus on water damage.

Hotels and Bars Awards Update

This seminar is aimed at Restaurant, Hotel and Bar owners, and will revolve around ensuring these owners are compliant with employee’s award requirements and minimum standards.

Workplace Manager Training

JFMLAW Employment Lawyers are offering workplace training in managing workplace issues, implementing good workplace policies and employers appearing in the Fair Work Commission.

This training is invaluable in ensuring employers and managers have minimised workplace issues before they occur and are prepared to deal with complaints as they arise.