Employment Law for Employers

Developing a high performance culture at your workplace

Do you want better performance from your employees?
Are you concerned that some employees are underperforming?
Do you spend too much time managing stressful workplace issues?

We can help you manage the following:

  • Poor performance
  • Updating your employment contracts and employment policies and procedures.
  • Managing employee complaints
  • Protecting commercially sensitive and confidential information
  • Responding to unfair dismissal claims
  • Appearing in the Fair Work Commission
  • Protecting your intellectual property and client base
  • Enforcing restraints of trade.

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Why JFMLAW is the right choice

John Morrissey and Chris Lowe have been helping employers for over 20 years to implement the practices, policies, procedures and culture necessary to guarantee high performance in the workplace. This means minimising the expense associated with unnecessary Fair Work applications or lengthy and complex complaints.

Human resources advice is provided by qualified lawyers who understand your business and its commercial goals.

Our fees

We’re happy to provide advice on a fixed-fee basis for a specific issue. For employers wishing to develop their company further, we’ll tailor our fees to your budget and size of business. Contact John Morrissey or Chris Lowe for a free consultation and quotation.

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