Responding to Fair Work Commission Claims

What sort of claims can be made to the Fair Work Commission?

Employees may make claims against their employers or former employers at the Fair Work Commission, such as:

The stages that follow Fair Work Commission claims

Once a claim is made, you can expect the following steps when responding to it:

Mediation –  an informal process in which an officer of the Commission helps the parties resolve a dispute between themselves. Mediations are voluntary, and are used as the first step in the dispute resolution process.

Conciliation – an informal process similar to a mediation, but involving more discussions between the different parties. Conciliations are voluntary, and are conducted generally over the phone or, on occasion, face-to-face. They involve a number of off-the-record discussions between both parties and a conciliator from the Commission, and between the conciliator and each party.

A case conference – where a Member of the Commission will make orders or directions in regards to the matter prior to a final hearing.

A hearing – a formal process in which the parties make submissions on their dispute before a Member. Hearings are conducted in public at the Commission. If the dispute proceeds to hearing, the parties will be directed to complete a number of documents from which the Member in makes his or her decision.

How can we help you through the Fair Work Commission stages?

JFMLAW can help you by:

  • Providing you with advice on the strengths and weaknesses of your claim.
  • Providing guidance on the likely outcome of the claim and assisting you to determine what a commercially favourable settlement might look like.
  • Identifying alternative ways of resolving the dispute.
  • Preparing and lodging written submissions.
  • Corresponding with the Commission on your behalf.
  • Helping you to prepare for a mediation, conciliation, case conference or hearing.
  • Participating in conciliation and mediation processes in relation to stop bullying applications.

Whether you have never received an application before or you have experience, we can help you with all stages of the Fair Work Commission process.

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